Transformative Change and Leadership course

We are delighted to reflect on the Transformative Change and Leadership course #2023 recently hosted by KCGH! The course structure comprised five sessions, each dedicated to a specific aspect of transformative change. Participants delved into topics such as the formulation of effective advocacy strategies, theory of change development, stakeholder mapping, and implementation planning. Each session provided practical tools and frameworks that are indispensable for navigating the complexities of transformative change. 

Examples of engaging workshop activities included a case study analysis of primary care partnerships between AMREF and Philipps, shedding light on what is necessary for successful collaboration. Participants also explored stakeholder analyses for transformative change through health advocacy, with the guidance of Lindy van Vliet. Additionally, the “inspiration-45” section at the end of each session featured distinguished speakers, under who Rebecca Gomperts, who shared her expertise on telemedicine and self-managed abortion. These captivating talks provided valuable insights into the inner workings of how transformative change takes place.A special thanks go to the workshop leaders, whose passion and knowledge played a vital role in creating a dynamic learning environment. We would also like to express our appreciation to the ‘inspiration-45’ speakers, who generously shared their thought-provoking and insightful experiences. Furthermore, we would like to thank the invaluable contributions made by the course participants. Their diverse perspectives and experiences enriched the learning community, creating a vibrant atmosphere for collective growth and collaboration. We are excited to witness the application of this course, as participants embark on their journey to create a better future. Overall, TCL was highly successful this year! For those passionate about transformative change and leadership, we highly recommend exploring this course. Invest in your professional development and join a network of change makers dedicated to shaping a brighter world!



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