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Global health is about improving health and reducing health disparities for all people worldwide through education, research, and practice. The Knowledge Centre for Global Health (KCGH) aims to support knowledge exchange in the field of global health. We achieve this by connecting healthcare and global health professionals, making global health knowledge more accessible, learning from it, and thereby promoting its application in Dutch healthcare.

The Netherlands has several knowledge institutions and organizations addressing global health issues. For KCGH, it is essential to be complementary by collaborating and facilitating the utilization of global health knowledge.

We connect experts, organizations, and healthcare providers on current themes in global health, with a focus in the coming years on planetary health and health equity. We also strive to raise awareness of global health issues among a broader audience.






Core values

We believe that the exchange of global health knowledge can contribute to increasing health opportunities for everyone worldwide.


We facilitate the utilisation of global health knowledge for the benefit of Dutch healthcare.


Equal Opportunities in Health | We strive for equal opportunities in health for everyone worldwide, with specific attention to individuals and groups for whom this is least guaranteed.

Equality in Collaboration | We believe in the power of global and sustainable collaboration based on equality and reciprocity.

Inclusivity and Interdisciplinarity | Emphasising the value and importance of integrating diverse perspectives and experiences, with respect for human rights, to achieve better health for everyone. Therefore, an interdisciplinary approach to global health issues is essential.


Establishment of KCGH

The Knowledge Centre for Global Health was founded in 2020 by the Dutch Association for Tropical Medicine and International Health (NVTG) and the Training Institute for International Health and Tropical Medicine (OIGT). The initiative stemmed from a motion adopted by the Dutch Parliament in 2019, calling for the structuring of the "transfer of knowledge acquired abroad that is relevant to Dutch healthcare." The centre is funded by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and has four part-time employees. KCGH collaborates extensively with NVTG and OIGT. To learn more about how we strengthen each other, watch the video below.

Working at KCGH

KCGH is a small organization, but occasional job opportunities arise. Keep an eye on our website and LinkedIn for updates. Additionally, we welcome interns.

As a small organisation, you must have a clear goal for your internship. This means there are various directions you can take with an internship at KCGH, and we are eager to discuss possibilities with you. In the past, we have had interns who contributed to organizing the Dutch Global Health Film Festival. If you're interested in an internship, please send an email to ofni.[antispam].@kcgh.nl with your CV, motivation, and concrete ideas about what you would like to learn/do with us.

Update as of December 12, '23: Unfortunately, it is not possible to undertake an internship at KCGH for the upcoming period.




Kenniscentrum Global Health (KCGH)
Arthur van Schendelstraat 650
3511 MJ Utrecht

KVK 78717590


The KCGH (Knowledge Centre for Global Health) was established by the NVTG (Netherlands Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health) and the OIGT (Organization for International Health Cooperation) to make global health knowledge accessible and usable for the Dutch healthcare sector. KCGH is subsidised by the Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport.

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