Make the Difference video: Bridging Health Inequalities Through Education

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Milestone achievement and broadening Impact

Our educational video, collaboratively produced by the Knowledge Centre Global Health (KCGH) and Pharos, has reached an impressive milestone of over 1,500 views. This achievement is not just a number—it signifies the widespread recognition and integration of this resource into various healthcare education programmes. Originally designed for medical students, its usage has expanded far beyond, impacting nurses, general practitioners (GPs), and numerous other healthcare professionals. This broad adoption underscores our community's commitment to enhancing awareness and taking strides toward achieving health equity.

Enhanced accessibility for global audiences

In our ongoing effort to make this vital message as accessible as possible, we are excited to announce a significant enhancement: the addition of English subtitles. This update, made possible through the dedicated efforts of Stolen Goods, the video's producer, ensures that language barriers do not hinder the important dialogue on health equality and diversity & inclusion in healthcare. This video can serve as a global inspiration for both current and future healthcare professionals, as well as anyone interested in global health and related topics.

The power of sharing: Expanding the impact

The influence of this educational video grows with each view, share, and discussion it sparks. We strongly encourage everyone—healthcare professionals, educators, students, and all interested in health equity—to spread this video within your networks. By doing so, you play a crucial role in amplifying its impact, fostering an informed community ready to address and reduce health disparities.

A Collective Effort Towards a Common Goal

The initial release of this video called upon aspiring healthcare professionals to recognize their potential role in addressing health inequalities. However, the message resonates far beyond future health professionals; it is a call to action for all of us involved in health and wellness. Acknowledging the persistent challenges in providing equal health opportunities for all, this video, alongside its educational companions, represents a foundational step in educating and mobilizing a diverse audience towards health equity.

Next to the video, Pharos and KCGH have developed 3 working forms that can accompany the video in educational settings. You can find these here.  

The inclusion of this material in educational curriculums and professional development programs is crucial. It not only raises awareness of the significant impact of social factors on health outcomes & the need for a diverse healthcare force but also inspires actionable steps towards change. We extend our gratitude to everyone who has contributed to this initiative, your efforts are instrumental in moving towards a more inclusive and equitable healthcare system.

Join the Movement

This is more than a video; it's a movement towards creating a healthcare system in which everyone feels welcome, heard, and represented. We invite you to watch the video, engage with the educational materials, and share this resource widely. Your participation is key to spreading this important message and fostering a healthcare environment committed to equity and understanding.

For more information, to view the video, or to download the educational materials, please visit our website. Should you have any feedback or wish to get involved further, contact us at ofni.[antispam] Together, we can make a difference in the fight against health disparities and work towards a future where everyone has equal opportunities for health and wellness.




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